Android surveillance phone extreme phone monitoring for security

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Android surveillance phone.

The Android surveillance phone is the ultimate spy phone system. Stable and reliable so it's ideal for monitoring any cheating spouses or employees. Perfect for child protection on the internet. The package includes portal access for one year, Sim card included.

Android surveillance phone.

The Android surveillance phone is a full surveillance smartphone with extreme monitoring capability. Ideal for catching out a cheating spouse or protecting children on the internet. Would you like to view everything your target user is doing on their phone without them knowing? See all the useful content remotely in comfort like you looking at the phone screen.

Android surveillance phone as a package.

The phone provides extreme surveillance monitoring for acquiring maximum intelligence and data in all the common areas. The system is also ideal for protecting vulnerable young people. Make sure your children are not being bullied or chatting to unknown internet strangers?

You see everything a user does with this spy phone system.

It's like your looking at the screen in real-time. So you see everything the user does is instantly saved online but in your private portal. View all the conventional chat history and browser history as if you typed it into the phone. You track the location of the phone in real-time and view location data automatically saved in your online account. 

Spy phone deployment.

Everything is sent to the web portal for you to view at your convenience. You can opt to look through the phone's camera remotely, so you have a choice to see through the front or rear cameras like you where in the room. Record the audio through the phone's microphone and listen in. It's all there for you at the click of a mouse button easy-to-use there is no technical stuff for you to juggle or break.


You will not believe the performance of this total spy phone prepare your self the incredible. The phone is pre-installed and ready, all you need to do it give it to your subject and then log into the portal to see everything they do. All phones have a pay as you go sim card already installed. Please select the prefered sim provider above. The spy software is not affected by sim card changes. All phones take any sim card and work on any network.

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Functions & monitoring information

  • Phone calls.
    Phone calls Information with the phone number, contact name, duration, recording file name, date & time and date & time reported.
  • Recordings.
    Playable directly from the web panel and also downloaded or deleted.
  • Sms Messages.
    SMS Message Information with a phone number, contact name, message, date & time and date & time reported.
  • Internet browsing history device native browser.
    Browsing history with the page title, page URL, date & time and date & time reported.
  • Pictures capture.
    Screenshots, Instant Messengers pictures with filename, preview and date & time. Pictures are viewable directly on the web panel and can be downloaded or deleted.
  • Videos
    Videos with filename, date & time and date & time reported. Videos can be downloaded or deleted using the web panel.
  • Microphone Recordings
    Recording with filename, date & time and date & time reported. Recordings are playable directly from the web panel and also downloaded and deleted.
  • Location reports
    Latitude, longitude, date & time and date & time reported. Interval of 20 minutes when the device it's on an awake state. On sleep state, location reports can take a little longer.
  • Applications list
    Application name and application package. This list is synced with the device installed applications.
  • Contact’s list.
    Contact name and phone number.
    This list is updated only when a contact is added on the device.
    Removed contacts on the device are not removed from the list on the web panel.
  • Uninstall Protection.
    Upon registering the device the application requests for Device Administration, Root Access and can be installed as a System application.
    With these three settings, the application becomes 99.9% impossible to uninstall, with the only possibilities to uninstall is by calling the number #54321, by web panel remote command or SMS remote command.
  • Stored Data.
    The application will work even if the device has no internet connection available, by storing all the data internally on the device.
  • Upon detecting an active internet connection.
    The surveillance spy phone will start sending all the information stored, and delete it once it is sent to the web panel.
  • Application update command
    If the application is installed as a system application.
    The phone will reboot to make the update. If not a System application the phone state will not change while the application is updating.
  • Auto Root Application Remover.
    After the application is installed, it will remove the application that controls Superuser access, so the user won't receive any notifications about the application using root access.
  • Device Status.
    The web panel allows the user to see the state of the Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, Location and Battery Charge.
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