Android Forensic recovery USB stick for dot it your self investigations

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Paraben's Android Forensic recovery - USB stick.

The ideal forensic device for extracting information from an Android phone.
Find hidden images and messages as well as deleted content from inside the phone.
Very easy to use and understand – plug it into your windows computer and run the software to reveal all the hidden data.

Android data recovery tool USB forensic data recovery.

The Phone Recovery Stick for Android Recovers Deleted Text Messages, Deleted Contacts, and More from Android Devices.

The Phone Recovery Stick for Android™ allows you to you restore all types of deleted private information from devices running the Android operating system.
Text messages, SMS messages, contacts, call history, GPS locations, photos, calendar entries, SD/Micro-SD card data – can restored and reviewed with the Phone Recovery Stick for Android.
The Phone Recovery Stick for Android is simple to use. Connect the device and the Android Recovery Stick to the same computer and click the start icon.
The software does the rest and even generates easy to read reports of the data contained on the phone as well as deleted data. Since the software is included on the device the Phone Recovery Stick for Android is completely portable and can be used on any computer.
The Phone Recovery Stick for Android is perfect for private investigators, concerned parents, school and security personnel, suspecting spouses, employers who want to check on the phone activity of their employees – anyone who wants to view the personal and deleted contents of an Android phone.

  • Types of Data Recovered
  • Text Messages:
  • Private text messages are a popular place to find evidence of bad behavior.
  • Calling History: The complete calling history for the Android phone.
  • Contacts: All the contacts stored on the phone.
  • Web History: Find out where they users have been online.
  • Calendar/Appointment Reminders: Review all of the reminders for important appointments.
  • Photos: Export pictures from the android phone with one simple step.
  • Voice Memos: Listen to private voice memos.
  • Map History: See which names and addresses were searched within maps right down the GPS coordinates.
  • Dynamic text area words the phone learns by what is typed repeatedly and is saved on the device to be used the next time the word is typed.
  • Things like a person's name and the name of a restaurant are easily identifiable.
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