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More than just a spy shop.

Our business network is made up from
development specialists to electronics manufacturers.

Spycraft UK is full of experience and its networks are made up by academically accomplished professionals who are experts in their field. Most of the team have a research & development background in electronics and computer science.

Our approach & experience.

At the beginning of 1998, Spycraft officially started providing counter surveillance services, and electronic security in the UK. During that time the business was expanding exponentially, as we managed client demand. The business first became mainstream online during the 90’s as the internet became widely used across the world. Today we continue to explore, as students of science, continually questioning electronic security products.

Where it started (TSCM).

Based in Great Britain, we were one of the first companies to offer TSCM services & products through the internet. We created a unique brand and business model, retailing security gadgets online. By 2002 we were working closely with exclusive suppliers from China, Taiwan, and Japan, with an aim of supplying their products in the UK.

Spycraft UK early quest.

Spycraft was the first company in the UK to promote the Lawmate brand. We discovered Lawmate on a small stand at a technology show in Taiwan and agreed to supply their branded products in the UK. Today we provide a vast selection of quality systems and we are totally independent of any manufacturer. We have total freedom to select the products we decide to supply our customer base.

Science comes first closely followed by quality.

Spycraft UK

 Focus on quality.

Initially Spycraft UK did not drive itself to success, because of the financial aspects of the business. Of course in business, you have to make money to survive, but our emphasis was always on quality and to provide the best products available.

Quality has always been at the forefront of the business. In 2002 we focused more on the retail market in the UK. Customers wanted better quality products & good quality spy equipment was available.

Electronic R&D & creations.

We often fabricated products to order as high end equipment was very expensive at the time. China then started to develop better competitive products, so over the course of the following years demand for spy equipment, saw the retail side of the business develop rapidly.

Knowledge & experience.

As an electronics company, the knowledge gained over 30 years has given us valuable oversight. Today we continue to lead the competition developing new products, with a view to supplying them online in the UK. We continue to create & push boundaries.

Through our website, we offer you access to the latest, state-of-the-art spy electronics & solutions. We stock all our products & delivery the next day in the UK, therefore we can provide you with a choice of products and services that fit your requirements.

Service & support.

Spycraft UK imports products from genuine suppliers worldwide so you have a great choice of products all in one place. We only deal directly with stable manufacturers to ensure service quality.

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