Who are we?

Spycraft is a UK based company with over 30 years' experience in the spy electronics industry.
We provide counter spy equipment and electronic counter-surveillance services to the Diplomatic sector, VIP clients, private customers, and large corporates.
The business surfaced online during the '90s when the internet became widely used across the world.
We were the first companies in Briton to offer bug sweep services online, and one of the first companies to retail spy equipment products to the world through the internet.
Over the last 20 years, many vendors and organisation have emerged emulating our business model, fracturing away from the essence of what we do.
Initially Spycraft the business did not drive itself to success with a view of making large sums of money.
The businesses primary catalyst was to provide counter-surveillance TSCM bug sweep services to the security sectors, and private customers.
In 2002 we started too focused on the retail market for spy equipment products in the UK, a massive demand for surveillance systems opened up for spy cameras and other surveillance gadgets.

New systems.

Often we would import the new spy gadgets and items from Taiwan and the Far East to study them, and sometimes customers would request this type of product from us, so we began to fabricate and retail items.
During the explosion of demand for spy equipment, we continued to offer bug sweep services thought out as this was our primary business. Being involved with spy electronics from the beginning has given us a good advantage in the industry as we have a good idea of what is available on the world market.
Today we continue to push the boundaries of practical counter-surveillance tactics and product research within the spy electronics and counter-surveillance environment. We have a firm understanding of what is possible and what is fiction.

Through our web site, we offer you access to the latest state-of-the-art spy electronics & solutions, available for purchase or hire. We hold a complete stock that is typically delivered, worldwide, within 24 - 48 hours.
Therefore we can provide you with a choice of products and services or can tailor a solution exclusively for you.


Service areas of expertise:

    • Spy cameras & hidden CCTV.
    • Covert GPS tracking.
    • Counter-surveillance products.
    • Bug sweep systems.
    • Electronic security consultation.
    • Spy electronics equipment.
    • Mobile phone analysis.
    • Encrypted communications.
    • Eavesdropping techniques.
    • Data gathering.
    • Computer vulnerability.
    • Low tech threats.
    • Physical security.
    • Smartphone security.


Fully managed counter-surveillance.

We routinely carry out "on-site" totally managed, bug sweep counter-surveillance services for those customers who would prefer a "hands-off" solution. Our service is fast, discreet and affordable – ask us for an immediate quote.
From a single office to a complete office building or private dwelling, we provide a confidential, secure and private solution for your business requirements or personal peace of mind.

DIY detection or monitoring.

For many people, a do-it-yourself approach to solving "their" problem is the quickest solution – giving you complete control & providing the tools on-site for continued peace of mind.
Sometimes the nature of your business may be confidential, allowing others access to secretive information is impossible. Many of our clients also have the same considerations. We are happy to sign any NDA or security documents in advance of any consultation.
But if you do need to go it alone, we will guide you through the process and provide you with the right equipment to ensure the best results.
All of the counter-surveillance products come with complete instructions and full back up access to our technical support team.
You can commission us to explore a "hands-on" training day which can include "sweeping" your target premises or creating a monitoring package. 


For more information regarding consultation, contact us directly, we can explore your electronic security requirements with an informal meeting.
If you feel you may be a priority, please call us from a new pay as you go mobile phone purchased by yourself or drop us a line through the contact page on this web site.
Please use a computer not associated with your regular working or home computer network.