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The best ‘low-tech’ Spycraft tricks.

Despite ubiquitous surveillance and fancy gadgets, there are still simple, old-fashioned ways that spies and criminals can avoid detection, says Frank Swain. (BBC News) Low-tech countermeasures to billion-dollar surveillance systems might seem outlandish, but old habits can be surprisingly effective. A variety of relatively unsophisticated tricks have helped spies, governments and criminals evade detection – […]

Signal messenger

Signal v Cellebrite a war of maybe?

Signal slams Cellebrite security over alleged security holes. Encrypted-messaging app Signal says it has found flaws in software used by cyber-security company Cellebrite. The two companies have been at odds since Cellebrite claimed to have cracked Signal’s secure messaging last year – a claim fiercely disputed. In the latest spat, Signal boss Moxie Marlinspike joked […]

Ionos hosting

IONOS web hosting, protect your site from hackers.

IONOS web hosting with hacking protection and services. IONOS: Need web site hosting? IONOS automated anti-hacking systems with support. Weather its web site hosting, domains, or general web creation. Ionos have it all, vast array of services and creative product from CDN cloud systems to dedicated servers. A very automated platform with most services, just […]

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