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Travelex: Banks halt currency service after cyber-attack.

A number of High Street banks have stopped customers ordering foreign currency, following a ransomware cyber-attack on Travelex. Problems at Lloyds, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland follow disruption at supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Tesco. All get their foreign notes from Travelex, whose computer system is down after hackers demanded $6m (£4.6m) in return for customer […]


WhatsApp hack: have I been affected and what should I do?

Who is behind the attack? According to the Financial Times, Israeli cyber intelligence company NSO Group developed the spyware. Users did not even have to accept the call, and it was often hidden from logs, the paper said.

Ring hacked

RING systems hacked all over the country present chilling possibilities.

This chilling video from Independent news, shows you just how vulnerable week security, can affect you and your family. Make sure you secure your remote CCTV and security with proper safeguards to ensure you’re not compromised. This story was published by the Independent.

avast security

Avast Security for your computers and smartphones.

Security is best useful, if you install it before you get hacked? set up Avast now and benefit from the complete security package, including ransomware shields VPN, click the banner to find out more.  

office at night setting up a phone

Check your phone for spyware.

Following the basic security in the video, gives you a little insight into the dark world of spy techniques. How to protect your privacy? How to stay safe while using your phone? Did you know that anyone can get your personal information and read your private messages? Here’s a list of the most useful codes […]

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