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BBC report - Spying on the public wright or wrong?
Welcome to Spycraft®

Spycraft are a UK based company trading sins 1996 with well over 27 years experience with in the R&D development area surrounding spy electronics & counter surveillance systems, we provide spy equipment & security electronics to private customers, VIP’s & large corporate's. We also provide equipment & services to the public. Through our web site we offer you access to the latest state-of-the-art spy electronics & solutions, available for purchase on line or in person. We hold a complete stock that is normally delivered, worldwide, within 24 - 48 hours and accept most forms of payment including credit card & Paypal online. We can provide you with a choice of systems to create your own monitoring or anti-spy solution as well as provide you with a consultation regarding your electronic security. let our professional technicians resolve your problem. - We guarantee privacy and hand set security with all our encrypted mobile phones (Our mobile phone PGP systems come with diplomatic specification as standard.)

Above are a few items you may have viewed on our web site, why not create an account and add to your wish list. Our client bace continues to grow as time goes by, we have been in business longer then most suppliers online in the UK and have gathered real knowledge about the type of systems used in the UK. Its sometimes easy to become confused by fiction and the reality of possibility surrounding surveillance technics & systems, its most important to know the nature of the threat your up against before you start waisting time & money trying to solve a problem with out fully understanding what needs to be done? There are so many ways for private individuals to monitor you or collect information about your businesses, Some simple changes to the way you operate on a daily basis can dramatically increase your security and stop competitors copying you or creating problems for you. You don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on private investigation companies or have an arsenal of resources to solve many situations with in the world of dark electronics. If you would like to have a consultation regarding any systems advertised on our web or general electronic security please use the contact form above, all enquiries are treated as confidential and no data is ever stored by us relating to anything discussed over the phone or otherwise. We do not record phone conversations from customer enquiry nor do we shave any customer details with any marketing companies or other organisations. Please note Spycraft operate in line with the data protect act 1998